Au grand rasoir

Supplier of the Court, Maison Jamart has been cultivating the art of cutlery for nearly two centuries, a stone's throw away from the Grand-Place of Brussels. Founded in 1821, the store " Au Grand Rasoir " does not seem to have moved a (badger) hair, except items that are placed in the beautiful wooded windows set on period tiles. It contains all the paraphernalia of the perfect cutler who would have envy Jack the Ripper himself! Knives of all sizes with extremely sharp blades, razors with golden or silver handles, scissors of tailors, Swiss knives with multiple functions, nail clippers, peelers, slicers ... The store has some 1500 references!

The quality

His clientele? Motley. There are of course all the trades that need these items to practice: hairdressers, cooks, butchers, scutchers, pedicure, etc. And then, there are individuals. An international clientele from the world of business and show biz next to an elderly lady with her peeler to sharpen.

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Rue de l'Hôpital 7, 1000 Bruxelles
02 512 49 62